Week 2 Day 1 of LCS NA

Week 2 day of LCS took place earlier today.  We saw a few good games but nothing particularly special.  Last week, one of the only comments on my reddit post was about TSM and Dignitas and how TSM was better.  Dignitas showed up today easily beating MRN, and then, beating TSM easily, though they made sure the aggressive behavior was well placed throughout the game. 

The Curse v. Complexity was the best of the day with the Underdog CompLexity taking the early lead and holding it until about 25 minutes.  The late game team comp of Curse made a few well placed moves and easily took over the game and won easily.  However, CompLexity had a very good showing for their first LCS match and should be able to pose problems to the better LCS teams. 

Some other quick remarks

  1. Team Vulcun is still not very good and lost.
  2. I made a mention of twitch getting picked up by some Korean teams after first use in NA.  Tonight in OGN club masters we saw Miss Fortune, Leona picked up after being used this morning in NA LCS.  We might see more of these two in the future.
  3. Dignitas had two interviews today, Crumbz and Scarra;  Crumbz echoed something I made mention of in my first post last week that the main failure of TSM is their predictability.  We saw it in the top lane gank early along with TSM picking similair champs every game.
  4. For Champs picks we’ll continue to see the armor shredders, Jarvin, Xin zhao, and Renekton along Kayle and VI being common picks until something gets picked up to counter them. 
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