Week 2 Day 2 of LCS NA

All in all today was boring, Curse v. Vulcun, Dignitas v GGU, and TSM v MRN, were all slow with very little action and each game played out as expected.  The games were won just by winning the lanes and then taking the global objectives and all were just slow push to win.  The last game GGU v Vulcun (GGU changing multiple people and roles) really played well and managed to defend and then finally push with their poke comp.  Though this game really only tells us what I predicted from the start; Vulcun is not very good in comparison to the other teams in the series.

Quick Remarks of the Day

  1. Team Vulcun is not very good and lost.
  2. Every team has done as well as I predicted and I don’t see any immediate change to team mechanics and have no reason to think that my first week predictions will be wrong.
  3. MRN needs sharpen up on laning phase and they will stand a chance against TSM, GGU, CompL, and Vulcun.
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