Week 3 of LCS NA/EU

Notable stories in NA

This past week in NA we saw the first round of surprises in how the games turned out.  The most notable one would be Team Vulcun.  The team had 0 wins and 5 losses coming into this week but went 3 and 0 over the weekend and have a record of 3 and 5 now.  Many people would say there was better team cohesion or they weren’t playing up to their ability in the previous weeks.  I would disagree with those statements.  In the past weeks, weeks 1 and 2, their mid ManCloud was playing his normal play which consists of being out of position and playing “all in champs” or that have initiation but lack escapes.  This week he changed it up and played Nidalee.  This champ, running as an AP Nidalee, stays on the outside of most team fights, using her poke to whittle down enemies before each engagement.  He used this to great affect and because he has an escape he was able to place himself in better positions throughout his games.  However, we can not overlook the teams they played against which includes a slumping CLG, a one win CompLexity and a one win MRN.  I don’t think these games were able to really determine anything more than that Vulcun is no longer last and really are just a middle of the road team.

The other side of the coin was Good Game University who lost 3 games this week.  They are a middle of the pack team and the loss of Shiptur in Mid and the extensive change to team roles plays a large roll in their losses.  Just like the games played by Vulcun this week, I don’t think the games played this week are a good representation of how the season ends up once they get shiptur back in the line up.

Quick remarks regarding NA

  1. Curse played well and are still 6-0.
  2. Dignitas is showing their stuff beating CLG.
  3. Team MRN and Team CompLexity both earned their first victories of the season. Note that both were against a severely lacking GGU team.
  4. Fear did surpringly well and they hope to follow up with this weeks performance in their 4 games next week.

Quick remarks about LCS EU (I find this much more exciting than NA.)

  1. Unlike NA the EU teams are very much pressed against every opponent they face never getting an easy game.
  2. Fnatic did as expected at least in my book, and should not be underrated even with their new team.
  3. Gambit Gaming, SK, AAA, DragonBorns, and Giants are all really close in ability and we should really see good match ups every week.
  4. Wolves 0 and 8.  They looked worse this week with Bjerg than last week without  him.

Fantasy.  I decided to add this in just incase anybody wanted to see my picks from last week.  Its from leaguepediafantasy.com

I did alright but my two CLG picks let me down a little. Hopefully CLG gets back in form soon.



The past week saw the end of OGN for a while and very good games were both played in the Battle Royale weekly games and the Club Masters.  We saw a drop in CJ Frost as they have been lacking since S3 started.  However, MVP, the winner of Club Masters, KT Rolster  and Xenics are doing really well and are showing innovative strategies in the best of fives.

Also, I watched Team World Elite v. Najin Shield last night.  Good games with the return of locodoco as AD.  Two major things that can be learned from those matches.  One, World elite is still in top form and secondly, Najin shield has the ability to get better but just need more games as a team.

Overall, It was a great week in the League of legends Professional scene.

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