Guide to Level 1 invades Part 1 of 4.

Today I’ll be looking at the level one invades that center around blue buff invades by the red team.  There are multiple invade paths and all have their own purposes so I’ll do my best to explain each one to the fullest.

red side (blue invade) jpeg

Ok, looking at the picture above we have three main options: Red, blue, Green.  I would like to preemptively add that warding your blue buff (1) is always a good tactic when invading the blue buff of the enemy.

Before stealing the buff we have to make sure we are making a good decision.  Do we know where the opposing team is?  Warding any one of the spots, (2) (3) or (4) may give vision of the enemy team and will give the red team some extra knowledge while invading.  At higher levels of play the blue buff steal usually takes place with 4 team members.  Support, AD, Jungle, and Short lane solo.  As the red team, many lane swaps are started off with a blue buff steal sending either the duo lane mid or top and then sending mid or top respectively bottom.  Usually the champ going bottom is the 5th member of the team and is not involved in the invade.  This champ may take the team’s own blue buff and have the ability to 1v2 for a short time.

  1. We’ll start with the simplest first and that will be invade following the red line.  Staying safe in either of the lower lane brush or in the tri brush the teams moves as a unit directly into the blue buff brush.  The goal is to enter the blue buff bush at 1:40/1:42.  Most likely the enemy team is killing the wolves and you will be remain unseen.  Wait in the brush and you may be able to get a kill or two as the enemy team goes from wolves to blue.  Next, blue is taken as it spawns at 1:55.   At about 2:02 a lane swap is initiated by the red team.  The goal of this gank is to get an early kill and stealing blue.
  2. The next invade path is blue.  The blue path invade has several variations.  The first is the 3 man gank.  After rushing to the enemies tri brush.  As quickly as possible.  These 3 members wait until the blue top lane champ to make their way to top after helping at blue buff.  Usually the three members are Support, AD, and jungle with red team initiating a lane swap. The goal of this gank is to get an early kill and provide for an early advantage top lane.
  3. The next variation is light blue.  This a blue invade while the enemy team is taking their blue buff.  Four members wait in the enemies tri brush after rushing there and at 1:53 leave the tri brush and work there way towards blue buff.  The team engages as the enemy team is hitting the blue buff.   After the fighting is done Red now initiates a lane swap. The goal with this gank is to attack after blue buff is hitting the enemy team, so they’re taking more damage and usually their first abilities are on Cool down allowing for an easy kill and stealing of the blue buff.
  4. The green path works best with a little more teamwork than either red or blue however can have the largest rewards.  Starting off in mid lane or defending an invade of the red buff, Red team moves methodically to end of the bush behind blue buff.  As the wolves spawn at 1:40, getting to the brush behind blue Golem at 1:39 is ideal.  Quickly moving at 1:40 the team can either chose to all go to blue buff brush, all towards the brush close to mid turret or thirdly, split up.  Personally I like to split up having 3 members go the bottom route and 2 going on the top side of wolves.  If timed right you may be able to trap the enemy team and get an advantage.  Like the late blue buff invade it’s best to go in after the enemy team uses their abilities.  For this route, getting around walls and seeing the wolves at 1:42/1:43 is ideal.  The goal is here is to gain as many kills as possible.  This green route is the most often seen with all 5 members of the team contributing however 4 members works as well.
  5. Orange (green continued).  After getting kills, flashes and / or taking the enemy team down low enough where they’re forced to back allows for the blue steal.  After taking blue a lane swap is initiated by red.

So far, at the end of each invade i’ve stated that a lane swap is initiated by red.  This is useful since the duo lane is already near top or mid lane and do not have to port back and run bot, or walk all the way to bottom lane.  However, they’re a few exceptions where not initiating a lane swap may be preferred.   Usually, this is the case when you do manage to get kills in these ganks.  If you are successful the lanes may be able to use this new found advantage by winning their own 1v1 or 2v2 lanes by a large margin rather than trying to 2v1 and 1v2.   I say this because having an extra ward as the support, or boots as an AD will not really add to your 2v1 advantage but by having an extra ward, potions, boots, or even a long sword in a 2v2 lane you may be able to bully your lane opponents by having more damage, vision, or sustain.

I would like to add here that those are the most common invades; if your team comprises of a blitzcrank or syndra stealing the blue buff becomes are very safe option as you can take it over the wall.  Also, your team composition can determine whether or not an invade is a good idea or whether you are better off defending your buffs and heading straight to the laning phase.

So there we have it, the most common blue buff invades by the red team.


League of Legends map can be found here –

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