Guide to level 1 invades. Part 2 of 4.

This post is going to be focused on red buff invades by the red team.  As noted on the last post warring your red buff (1) or behind red buff brush (2) should be done as this one ward gives your team lots of information.  These red buff invades are the most complex level one invades for several reasons including: blue team may try to invade your blue, blue team will almost always ward somewhere in the red buff brush to the river (7, 10, 11, 13) to gain knowledge about your position and lastly duo lane will be at those double golems (8) at 1:40.

So we have a multitude of tactics that start off easy to pull off and other tactics that are more complex. For now, lets start with the simple.

red side (red invade 1)
Red:  After rushing to enemy wraiths (9) and warding we head back passing through (10) and camp in mid lane bot brush (12).  The thinking here is that you might catch some easy kills, getting vision of enemy jungle as well as protecting access to your blue.

Blue:  This isn’t used very much but can work well if you have a ranged snare or stun or even a group speed up such as Jayce.  Starting in position (4) send your snare into the tri brush (5) and rush in.  You may have caught bot lane as they wait for golems to spawn.  If kill or flash is taken, go ahead and take red (7).

Light blue: after storming through the tri brush assess your situation.   If you saw anybody but didn’t burn a flash its best to turn back as they know your position now.  If you decide to press on you have two options.  The first is to run straight to their red (7) an establish position.  Or, go down to the bottom bush (14) and wait for their duo lane to walk from red (7)  -> (8) to golems and kill them as they take the golems.  Now take red.   Main goal of this gank is to get a kill on bot lane and get an early lead bot lane as well.  The second part of this gank is getting red but if you take red you are almost always just trading your red back to them.

red side (red invade 2)

Green: This is another simple invade walking though river to ward wraiths (9).  Next walking to (10), and then warding (7).  Either wait at (10) or (7) and assess your situation.  You have the option of taking red or ganking later on when the jungler decides to take red at about 2:30.  No matter what you do, you either take yellow route going bot or pink route for going back mid.  Remember, if minions haven’t spawned yet stay as a team and pick one route.

These are the 3 most common jungle invade routes for this scenario, red invading blue on the red buff side.  Now, in my last post I initiated a lane swap after almost every invade.  However, I don’t in these invade scenario’s.  The reason being that your bot lane is already bottom and you may lose any advantage by going B and running all the way top lane and if your gank succeeds you should bring your advantage bot lane and try to win your lane.  Following this line of thinking, invading blue is a good option when going for a lane swap and invading red is better when you believe you have an advantage bottom lane.

I’ll be back soon with invades by the blue team.


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