Guide to level 1 invades. Part 3 of 4.

Alright, this week we’ll be flipping the map around and looking at the perspective of the blue side invading red.  I find that blue teams invade the enemy blue buff, or try to, almost twice as much as they invade the enemy red buff.  And because of this I’ll start out explaining blue buff invades.  Hopefully the map below has a better numbering system for bushes than the map from the previous post.  I also changed how I laid out the map routes changing them into steps instead of each individual steps or stages of an invade.  Stage one is purple, stage 2 is green, stage 3 is orange, and stage 4 is blue.  As I always say, whichever buff you plan on invading, make sure you are warding that buff on your side as well.  Blue invades blue (numbers + routes) jpeg

As the map is set up differently I’ll be changing the way I explain these invades.  But as a starter we’re going to look at stage 1 and 2 first.  Stage 1, purple, just has different paths through the jungle.  Taking these paths will keep you a little bit safer and you be able to watch for any invades by the enemy team.  As you progress, if you choose to invade through, 6/7/8 placing a ward at 9 is a good idea.  Likewise if you are invading you 9/5/4 placing a ward at 6/7/8 would be recommended.  Stage 2, if you are fast out of the base, racing to 7 is the most common invade.  If you know your opponent is super fast out of the base, invading 9/5/4 would be the best action.  This way you don’t lose your level 1 immediately by walking though 7 but with the enemy team already at 6/7/8.    So early to start, 6/7/8, late start, 9/5/4.

Now, stage 3.  We have 3 different paths and they are 4/3, 4/2, and lastly 6/1.

4/3: After making your way through 9/5/4, go to 3 and wait there.  usually you want to make your decision to get to 3 early.  If you do not get to 3 early  Try and get to 3 by 1:00 as this should be before the other team starts looking around.  It may be better off to wait after 9/5.  And go 5/4/2.  But if we make it 3 we’re going to sit tight until 1:38 but 3/2 will be covered later.

4/2 : the basic invade.  At 1:38 head to blue as the enemy team should be taking wolves.  For this invade its best to pink their blue buff immediately just in case they were ready for an invade and the enemy team warded it themselves.  If you pink this brush you have blue control.

6/1:  The previous two invades were centered around 1:55 and blue buff. This invade is centered around the wolves.  Get to 1 as quickly as possible and pink 6 as that is the most likely ward by the enemy team.  After warding move up to 1.  Stay there until 1:40.

Stage 4:  For this we still have to complete the invades that we have started; These invades include: 3/2, 1/wolves (blue/orange) and 1/2.

3/2: leave at 1:38 and head to 2.  Pink blue buff brush and clear out any wards.  Wait for them to now go to blue buff.  Kill as many as you can and take blue.  /OR/ wait for 1:55.  Enemy team has started blue go in along the blue path and take blue and kill as many of them as you can or burn as many flashes as you can.  /OR/  The enemy AD/Support will almost always come through this bush.  Kill both of them and win bot lane easily. with your kills.

1/wolves (blue/orange): At 1: 40 Split up and send 2 people on the orange path and force the enemies to blue.  This invade works best with multiple CC or the enemy team will flash over the wall behind wolves.  Get as many as kills as you can and steal blue.

1/2: Move at 1:56.  With this you are blocking the escape possibilities of the team.  Warding the blue as you go in may give you an extra advantage.  Kill as many as you can and take blue.

Invading red buff as the blue team will be the last part of level 1 invades.


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